Why I Will Always Love Traveling More Than I Love You

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Before I even begin, I apologize if this breaks your heart in ways that you didn’t imagine and I don’t understand. You see, as someone who fell head over heels in love with the world, I cannot fathom how you ever expected to stand a chance in this competition. Or why you decided to take it on, being well aware that it’s rigged from the start. You must be a real fool.

What’s worse is that you’re just as much in love with me as I am with the world, something my mind struggles to understand. One person can hardly be as interesting as the prospect of enjoying the myriad offerings of the world.

Forgive me my ruthlessness and brutal honesty. But believe me when I say that people live through far worse each day in the world and come out stronger. In fact, witnessing their hardships on my travels…

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Down-under Sadsad Falls Experience

         Most travelers who plot their route when going to Guimaras would rivet on their list beaches, caves, buildings and landmarks with historical significance.

         For those who want to take the road not taken or the path that is less traveled, experience the death defying canyon and forest trails, long way down to the untouched magnificence of Sadsad Falls. The challenging trek is definitely an energy squeezer especially for tourists who is not used to mountain and rock climbing. This is a perfect place for adventurers who is eager for extreme activities.

          From Jordan Wharf, ride a multicab or jeepney that will drop you to Brgy. Sablay. It would be better if you will rent a tricycle that will lead you inside the forest without spending heaps of energy but be sure you have enough budget; Php 200 per head.

          Rubber shoes, backpack bag and water are your best companion on your way to Sadsad Falls. Of course, you will need a person who has an ample knowledge about the place. Being clueless on the right way will lead to harm, remember that down under is an abyss. Before you can reach the summit, you will encounter tall grasses and steep road. Be careful and watch every step you make.

          The base may not be visible from the top but as soon as your halfway down you can hear already the rushing of water.

          Unlike any other voluminous and deafening waterfalls in the Philippines, Sadsad’s water is thin and shallow: that’s what makes it distinctive. The water comes out smoothly on the rocks, fine drops like water from a bathroom shower. You can enjoy bathing on the cool water freely because it doesn’t have any entrance fee. Unearthing Sadsad’s deep-under natural wonder is totally worth it.

          The hard way you took going down will be doubled. It’s surprising that it’s more difficult to surpass the return or going up but the key is CONCENTRATION. Rest every once in a while of you must don’t push yourself too hard if you’re exhausted.

          Indeed, after a mountain of sacrifice, there’s the Sadsad falls paradise…/SL

          “Going up is the hardest part. I can’t actually imagine how did I survive the rock climbing when anyone who knows me very well can attest that I’m such a lame person when in it comes to high or elevated places. Realizing that a single wrong move is capable of killing you, makes you more strong and fearless.”

Rough Guide’s: Top 15 friendliest places in the world

Rough Guide asked their readers to vote for the top 15 friendliest cities they’d ever visited. And in case you were wondering: you can check out the list of the top 10 friendliest countries here.

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15. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

First up is Atlanta, Georgia, with a population of over 440,000 apparently lovely people.

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