30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read

     These past few days had been the “hellish days” of my life and I am still in between of that conflict and I don’t know when is this going to end. Up to now, I am still struggling how to manage my timetable: work versus sleep. At any moment, I think my body is capable of erupting and eventually will shut down automatically because of endless and piles of paper works, short film, scripts, storyboards, reports, quizzes, magazine production, etc.

     But there’s no such word as giving up when you’re in search for your dreams and success. There will always be moments like these in life, it’s inevitable.

     So here are the 30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read that will somehow ease your worries if you’re experiencing tough challenges in life right now like mine. Some of the books listed here, I finished already. Some makes me want to jump off a cliff if the price of having those will be the hardbound version of it.

Without further blandishments:

Old books(Photo Credits to Go We Love It)

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My First Soundless Film Experience

Charlie Chaplin, The Modern Times (Photo Credits to 100Film)

     “A story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness.”  The entire film seems to question if in fact we are achieving that happiness, and the effect industrialization has on our humanity.

     Despite the factor that it lacks sounds, it didn’t make the story less of a masterpiece. The message may not be that conspicuous at first because the dominant voice of the story is comedy. But if you’ll really try to deepen the range of your understanding and interpretation, the story revolves around the negativity brought by the machines of the Industrial Revolution.

     The emergence of machines caused the proliferation of “specialization”, wherein there’s a division of labor and less manpower in the factories. It requires workers to do no stop in their work, even at eating time. Continue reading “My First Soundless Film Experience”