Nuggets of Wisdom from John Grisham

     My admiration for this man started when my classmate let me borrow his book entitled “The Client”. It did not occur to me that I would like the book. The title speaks for itself, sounds like I’m about to read something out of the circle of my interest. But I gave it a try…

Reading the first chapter has been a series of endless repetition. Why? Because again, it’s not my genre to read courthouse, mystery, crime and thriller stories. I find it so difficult to comprehend and appreciate the scenario described by the book. The characters are all typical, but they’re tangled with strange personalities. That’s why I need to do an act of being a redundant type of reader. There was a point that pops in my mind that I’ll just return the book and pretend that I finished it and I liked everything about it.

But something happened that moves me from chapter one up in the succeeding chapters. That caused me to do no stop in reading. Every page was irresistible and it’s like begging to be read aloud. Another thing here was, even taking a bath and eating had been a difficult task for me.

His book was crafted beautifully and it is embedded with lessons that a reader can carry on all the days of his life. You are and will always be my favorite author, John Grisham.

P.S. I downloaded ALL your books in my eBook library. I already have five books in hardbound version. But please know, someday you will occupy the most special corner of my library.

    I was very inspired seeing his video as a graduation commencement speaker.


My First Soundless Film Experience

Charlie Chaplin, The Modern Times (Photo Credits to 100Film)

     “A story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness.”  The entire film seems to question if in fact we are achieving that happiness, and the effect industrialization has on our humanity.

     Despite the factor that it lacks sounds, it didn’t make the story less of a masterpiece. The message may not be that conspicuous at first because the dominant voice of the story is comedy. But if you’ll really try to deepen the range of your understanding and interpretation, the story revolves around the negativity brought by the machines of the Industrial Revolution.

     The emergence of machines caused the proliferation of “specialization”, wherein there’s a division of labor and less manpower in the factories. It requires workers to do no stop in their work, even at eating time. Continue reading “My First Soundless Film Experience”