Mixed bag of storage ideas for your dorm rooms

In tiny dorm rooms split shared with a roommate—sometimes more than one—floor space is like water in the desert. It’s a precious thing. Use these easy, affordable DIY dorm storage ideas to keep clutter neatly contained and off the floor. ARTICLE: A+ Storage Hacks for the Best Dorm Room on Campus

A+ Storage Hacks for the Best Dorm Room on Campus(Photo Credits to I Heart Organizing)

All those miscellaneous school supplies—notebooks, pens, paper clips and more—quickly overcome desk drawers. Out-of-control junk drawers are the enemy of focus; what you need are drawer dividers to organize all your necessities. Create your own, free, by cutting dividers from old shoe-boxes or cereal boxes. Related Post: 10 Smart Solutions for Junk Drawers

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An Oldster Craft Turned to a Countrywide Fad

This article was published in Panay News last May, when I was still an intern in their company.

(Photo Credits to KidsStuffWorld)

     We are in the world now where the definition of the word “fun” revolves around the sphere of electronic gadgets. Facing the computer and television, non-stop tapping the screen of tablet and cellular phone and killing time with video games, all of these seem to be a daily routine for most kids nowadays. While giving “fun” is the primary feather of all these stuffs, it can cause self-seclusion to them by placing themselves passively in the corner and forget the fun in creating interaction with other people. Sports and other recreational activities seem to be buried now.

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