Learn from Your Setbacks

A journalism graduate who had her greatest heartbreak after receiving a failing grade that swept away her dream title…

Photo by I’m Garcade

Where do our failures take us?

Failures attack us in the most unexpected place and time… After experiencing failure, it is not easy to shift to the next episode of our lives and just buried our frustrations along the way. It is a moving on process and we have to be strong enough to surpass each step.

Jonah Jativa, a 24-year old Bachelor in Journalism graduate of West Visayas State University Batch 2010, came from the humble town of Santa Barbara, Iloilo. She belongs to the cream of the crop during her elementary and high school years. One of her passions is to lead young people to Christ and help them to mature spiritually in order to transforms others as well.

She was a consistent recipient of Academic Excellence Award from her first year to fourth year and even a member of the Studiositas Honor Society.

“I believe our favorite books can say boatloads about our character,” according to Jonah. She loves to read inspirational, leadership and religious books. Among the books that influenced her lot during her college years were: I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Dug Down Deep, Encouraging Words for Women and Rich God, Poor God by Chinkee Tan.

When asked if journalism was her first choice in college, she honestly admitted and say NO. “Journalism was not my first choice. It was not even in my top 5 college courses,” stressed by her.

During her high school years, she imagine herself taking up nursing and wearing a white uniform. But she believes that life is not just all about “Plan A”. Along the way of our life, we will meet various circumstances that will pull us and make us divert our decision. “It just happened. I mean God made it happen. I took up that course hoping it’ll work well for me. And thank God it did work,” she added.

“I was one of those journalism students who were running for Cum Laude…”

Upon receiving a failing grade from her major subject, Jonah cried buckets and the idea of “could have been” kept on haunting her, knowing that all her hardships for the past four years of her stay in college were all put to waste.

“Sayang” she thought.

The pain of losing the goal that she has always wanted is there, but she realized that she can’t do anything about it. Sometimes things like that happened. Therefore, she just continues her life and turned her greatest setback to be her greatest motivation to strive more in life.

The grades that you will obtain in college are all nothing. They are just the cherries on our resumes. The most important thing is not the title and awards, but the values and learnings that you have reaped and how will you be able to apply it to the life outside the four walls of the classroom.

She is currently working as Social Media Strategist for almost four years at Callbox Sales and Marketing Solution.

“Pressure will always be there, especially if you are in the corporate world already. How do I handle it? Love your work. If you love your work, pressure will no longer be an issue. It will be a nudge for you instead. In addition, if you love what you do, although you’ll get tired, you’ll still continue. Leave all pressures you get from work in the office. Work is just work. U still got a whole life to enjoy. Learn to relax. Lastly, pray hard and learn from your failures.”


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