Rough Guide’s: Top 15 friendliest places in the world

Rough Guide asked their readers to vote for the top 15 friendliest cities they’d ever visited. And in case you were wondering: you can check out the list of the top 10 friendliest countries here.

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15. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

First up is Atlanta, Georgia, with a population of over 440,000 apparently lovely people.

14. Wellington, New Zealand

Described as an “urban jewel” in the Rough Guide to New Zealand, it’s one of the few cities travellers make an effort to visit in the country – perhaps that has something to do with its rather friendly residents.

13. Vientiane, Laos

A quiet but beautiful capital city, situated on a wide bend in the Mekong River.

12. Cape Town, South Africa

More than just penguins on a beach, Cape Town has captivated our Facebook followers as one of the friendliest cities in the world. It’s South Africa’s most visited city, and with Table Mountain as a stunning scenic backdrop, there’s no wonder.

11. Budapest, Hungary

This rather grand city sits on the banks of the Danube and has a number of thermal springs supplying baths across the city – perfect for a friendly, relaxing weekend away.

10. Melbourne, Australia

An unsurprising entry at number ten after being voted most liveable city in the world four times in a row: Robyn Humphries, on Facebook, chose Melbourne, Australia as her friendliest city in the world.

9. Manchester, England

At number nine it’s Manchester, in the north of England. Once described as “the belly and guts of the nation” by George Orwell.

8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This fast-growing city is the hub of the United Arab Emirates.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

A compact and easy to navigate city, Copenhagen makes number seven in the world’s friendliest cities.

6. Vancouver, Canada

Canada makes an appearance at number six with coastal Vancouver, in British Columbia.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo proved its worth as fifth friendliest city in the world to LukmanAul on Twitter. He said: “Despite being very hectic, Tokyo is the friendliest city and is very safe.” After getting lost at 3am, he said an office worker directed him back to his hotel using her smartphone, even though there was a language barrier.

4. Liverpool, England

Another northern English city, Liverpool was one of our top cities for 2014 and is now one of the friendliest in the world according to you.

3. Montreal, Canada

In third place is Montréal, Canada’s second largest city. Twitter follower Paul Chibeba said: “My #friendlycity pick is #Montréal: colourful, engaging and welcoming in French and English!”

2. Dublin, Ireland

With a number of votes on Facebook, Ireland’s capital Dublin makes second friendliest city in the world. Spend a weekend enjoying the Georgian townhouses, squares and historic churches among some of the friendliest people in the world.

1. Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland is in the spotlight this week, and not just for the independence referendum: you’ve voted Glasgow the world’s friendliest city. Travel writer Robin McKelvie tweeted: “friendliest city quite clearly Glasgow in my experience & that’s not a ‘Yes or No’ loaded answer.”

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