30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read

     These past few days had been the “hellish days” of my life and I am still in between of that conflict and I don’t know when is this going to end. Up to now, I am still struggling how to manage my timetable: work versus sleep. At any moment, I think my body is capable of erupting and eventually will shut down automatically because of endless and piles of paper works, short film, scripts, storyboards, reports, quizzes, magazine production, etc.

     But there’s no such word as giving up when you’re in search for your dreams and success. There will always be moments like these in life, it’s inevitable.

     So here are the 30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read that will somehow ease your worries if you’re experiencing tough challenges in life right now like mine. Some of the books listed here, I finished already. Some makes me want to jump off a cliff if the price of having those will be the hardbound version of it.

Without further blandishments:

Old books(Photo Credits to Go We Love It)

     If there is one bond that unifies the ranks of the successful, it’s that they read.

Everyday has a small portion of time devoted to becoming that little bit more knowledgeable, expanding their horizons and creating a better vision for themselves.

1. The Four Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss

The Four Hour Work Week is one of the original ‘Unconventional’ business books. And, it graces the shelves of many successful people who take an alternate view on business.

Learn to maximise your time and approach your lifestyle from a new angle.

2. The Art Of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau

Another in the series of ‘Unconventional’ reading books. This focuses less on business but in goal setting and creating a vision of yourself that you can work towards.

It’s a book of lifestyle design, different views and interesting ideas.

3.  7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

The go-to book in the world of successful people. This book outlines the common habits between successful people – and how to adapt them to your world.

An effective book to have in your bookcase, regardless of where you are in your life.

 4.  An Astronauts Guide To Life On Earth, Chris Hadfield

 Canada’s most successful astronaut outlines the lessons he learned from (going blind) in space. It covers everything from fears, through to effective strategies for living.

It’s not only nerd-tastic, but also incredibly useful.

 5. Mob Rules, Louis Ferrante

Didn’t think you could learn anything from the Mafia? Well, think again.

Louis outlines their strategies for business and how you can apply them to your own, legitimate, business. Without ever having to learn how to bludgeon someone.

 6. Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman

 This is a book completely about how your mind works, and how to maximise your brains capacity. Daniel does a great job of outlining all the processes of the mind, and when your brain is at it’s most effective.

An essential read for anyone looking to leverage conversation and mindset.

 7. It’s Not How Good You Are – It’s How Good You Want To Be,Paul Arden

This book takes a little over 30 minutes to read. Yet, it’s lessons last a lifetime.

Paul Arden takes the lessons he learned from a career in advertising and applies them to life and business. He eloquently lays it all out, in a no-nonsense approach, cutting right to the core of the problem – and providing the best solution.

 8. Who Moved My Cheese?,Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. & Spencer Johnson, M.D

 Another book that’s short on time but long on impact. Spencer Johnson’s masterpiece of mice chasing cheese goes on to outline all the problems in business, management and getting what you want.

Then, shows you how to fix them.

 9. Crucial Conversations, Kerry Patterson

 You always talk at you worst, when you need to be at your best.

Kerry outlines how you can change that so you can be at your absolute best, no matter what the situation.

 10. Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi

 Networking is of paramount importance to your success, regardless of whether it’s professional or personal.

This book outlines how to network your way to success, in a wholesome, effective way.

 11. Purple Cow,Seth Godin

 This book asks one pivotal question: ‘What makes you remarkable?’

 If in a field of cows, one of them was purple, it would certainly catch your attention. Seth shows you how to do the same with your business, in the only way he can – by going straight to the point.

 12. Blink, Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell tells stories in a way no other author can even come close too. And, Blink is no different.

He teaches you why people make better decision in the ‘blink’ of an eye, and how you can do it too.

 13. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini

Want to make people say ‘yes’? Then, you need to add this book to your shelves.

Robert Cialdini’s time weathered book outlines how to influence people, your way.

 14. The Art Of War, Sun Tzu

 This ancient military text has been adapted for all aspects of life: love, life and business to name but a few. And, with good reason – it’s strategies can be perfectly applied to everything you wan it to.

Purchase the original version instead of a specified version and apply the lessons to your own life.

 15. How To Be A Productivity Ninja, Graham Allcott

 Want to make the most of your time? Well, English productivity Guru Graham Allcott shows you how.

Understand that not everything can be done and how to apply your time evenly and fairly between the essential tasks.

 16. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action, Simon Sinek

Off the back of one the most viewed TED Talks ever, Simon Sinek released a book in the same name. He outlines the ‘golden circle’ and teaches you how to be the most successful leader possible.

 17. Permission Marketing, Seth Godin

 Successful people understand that their friends are the most likely to buy from them. So, Seth teaches you how to make friends and turn them into customers.

If you’re looking for success in the online, or the offline, world – this book is essential.

 18. The Psychology Of Selling, Brian Tracy

 If there is something about selling that Brian Tracy doesn’t know, I’m yet to find it.

In this book he outlines how to double, even triple, your sales success over time, and create a lasting strategy that works.

 19. Pitch Anything,Oren Klaff

 Pitching is probably the hardest part of success to master. Yet, Oren shows you how to pitch anything, to anybody, at any time.

This is a book you need on your shelves if you want to succeed at business.

 20. The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch

 The world is slowly coming to the realization that less is more. And, Richard Koch uses the Pareto Principle to completely outline this in a real-world context.

20% of your time brings about 80% of your results. So, learn to focus your time most effectively.

 21. Made To Stick,Chip And Dan Heath

 Successful people create ideas that last. They write and speak in a way that leaves a lasting impression on other people.

Chip and Dan Heath have discovered what makes an idea ‘sticky’, and how to apply it to everything you want to talk about.

 22. How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie

 Another one of those ‘evergreen’ books on the list.

In the world of extroverted businessman, Dale Carnegie shows you how to make friends with your clients and create as much influence over them as possible.

Whether you just want to make a couple more business clients, or generate an empire, this book provides essential reading.

 23. The 48 Laws Of Power, Robert Greene

  This book can simply be surmised as the ‘all encompassing book of power’. Whether you want to understand it, acquire it or fight against it: this book enables you to do everything.

 24. The New Leaders 100-Day Action Plan, George Bradt

 Regardless of whether you’re starting a new business, or stepping into a new role – starting out, as a good leader is important.

This book outlines your first 100 days, day-by-day, and gives you an actionable platform to work from.

Get yourself off to the right start with this book.

 25. The Good Psychopaths Guide To Success, Kevin Dutton & Andy McNab

Discover whether or not you’re a ‘Good Psychopath’, and learn to manipulate your emotions: conscience, fear and anxiety, to really maximise your chance of success.

26. The Art Of Exceptional Living, Jim Rohn

To be successful you don’t have to have been subject to great hardship, worry or obstacles. You don’t have to have been exceptional to live exceptionally.

Jim Rohn outlines this beautifully in this book. Outlining how to be successful in all aspects of your life, and turn your life into a work of art.

 27. Conscious Business: How To Build Value Through Values,Fred Kofman

  Each successful person has a set of core values that sets them apart from everyone else.

This book shows you how to utilize and maximise these values to get the best results for your business.

 28. Outliers,Malcolm Gladwell

 Success – 10,000 hours of work, unrivalled opportunities or sheer dedication? Or, all three?

Malcolm Gladwell discusses these topics, and then shows you how to set yourself up for your own incredible success.

 29. Tribes, Seth Godin

People aren’t just customers. They’re part of a tribe that plays a huge role in your success. Learn how to create your own tribe and generate a community that wants you to succeed.

 30. Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success, Carol S. Dweck

Success, it’s a frame of mind.

In this wonderful book, Carol Dweck outlines how to change your mind and focus yourself to generate the optimal mental environment for your success.

Now, Do Something About It…
 Some of these books are going to vastly help you move forward, and some, well, wont.
Everyone is completely different and your goals fall in separate realms from the person beside you. Choose the books that work for you, which are going to instantly influence your life, and read them.
Then just read the bits that really matter to you. Spend as much time implementing their values to your life as you do reading about them.
That is the key to reading for success.
 How many of these books have you read? Let us know which ones are your favourites.



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