A Guys Who Reads

slightlyignorant: WANT. (Photo Credits to Naomi)

     And if you’re a certified booklover, bookworm, bookwhore, bookcrastinator or suchlike you call it, you would secure that the person you’re going to share your entire life with share the same passion as yours.

I personally believe that a guy who reads is the greatest turn on ever.

Not only you are entwined in the same language but also he can bring you to places in different spectrum by just talking in the couch or sitting in a bench. You can discuss with him everything under the Aurora Borealis and Luna.

A guy who chose to revere books is probably one of a kind. He is very appreciative and has a wide range of inquisitiveness. He is not afraid to ask questions if he has second thought in a certain topic. He can give comments and critic author’s style of writing. He has an impeccable choice of words that in every moment he will write a letter for you (it may be written in sticky note, freshly opened stationery or a simple scratch paper); you will fall in love with him even more because of the way everything was crafted.

Date a guy who reads because he will never let you down with his English grammar. He pays attention to little details: subject-verb agreement, brevity, veracity, spelling and whatnots. He has high regard with margins and indention in his writings.

He loves to share quotes and helpful information in his facebook account that will set a notion to his friends to think outside the box. This guy is a quizzer type of social media user. He wants to inform, educate and somehow enlighten people through his post and bring a leap to change.

He has a novel-like structure when he texted you. He’s not fond of making shortcuts and he is always using the correct punctuation marks.

You can spot him in a bookstore not in local bars. He is going to splurge his money buying another book or bookmark for your birthday or any random day he wants to surprise you.

Date this guy because only him can understand your 3 a.m. look and your obsession to caffeine. No second will be dull if you’re with him. Story to story, a further set of ideas to another one, he’s the type that will by no means get weary of chatting about retrospect and prospect. Only this guy can discuss Orwell’s Animal Farm to the adventure of Dorothy in Oz. He’s very imaginative and would want to explore every corners of the planet with you.

     Date a guy who reads, and if you’re lucky enough to find him, don’t ever let him go. /SL

"Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with her closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve." - Rosemary Urquico(Photo Credits to Naomi)


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