Times like these just came, like a burglar in hours of darkness. Rare. You’ll never see it coming. I never saw it coming.

Yep, today I had a very joyful one. The customary routine just an add-ons of unexpected people who just came and got along with me. Nonetheless, it didn’t make it less as a happy day.

But the thing about this night, as I described it earlier as rare, rare in the sense that I know I’m not this person. I am at my weakest at this point of night. This is not the first time. I’ve been through this a lot of times, and every time that I am going through the same phase, it always feels like the first time.

Putting into words… Saddest. Nostalgic. Wistful. Melancholic. Extreme excruciating pain. And you know deep down your subconscious that there’s nothing more you can do to lessen the pain but to burst out. Burst everything out until nothings left. It’s like remembering how you lost everything at once. Missed opportunities. Broken promises. Unhappy ending relationships. Misty future. Summoning regrets.

What else? Sometimes life cuts you, so deep. But I know, that after all these tears run dry, I’m going to be okay. I’ll be fine. I’ll be a new person again. Instilled with wisdom from pain.

Just let the tears flow…



The Agony Of Realizing That ‘The One’ Is Now Somebody You Used To Know

To be very happy is to have experienced much sadness. In fact, it isn’t possible to experience truehappiness unless you have a true understanding of what it means to be miserable. Knowing happiness is to only know one side of the coin; knowing sadness means gaining a new appreciation for the whole thing, entirely.

Knowing how deep of a hole it’s possible to fall into only elevates you higher when you find yourself on a mountain peak. And there is no better way to understand the highs and lows of life than to know what it means to be in love.

To understand love is to understand what it can do to you, how it can make you feel and how it permanently changes a person. Love consumes your life and inevitably is the deciding factor in living either a great or miserable life.

It isn’t possible to love without feeling the pain that must accompany it. When you think about love and what it means to love a person, you likely only consider all the good feelings, ignoring all the bad. We like to imagine love as the pinnacle of happiness — but that isn’t what love is.

Love isn’t just the good feelings we experience, but also the awful ones. It’s the entire experience; it’s both the amazing and horrible thing that makes being in love the most exciting and alive you’ll ever feel.

You neither can nor should try to avoid the sadness of love. There is always some loss associated with loving a person. You don’t want to own them, but to fuse with them, become a part of each other – and because you can never fully become one, you’ll always feel that there is a part of them that you won’t truly know.

There is always a chance of losing them, if not now then somewhere down the line. In fact, you are guaranteed to lose them sooner or later as death has a nasty habit of cutting the ropes that bind two lovers together.

If death alone is the only force that can separate the two of you then consider yourselves blessed. Sadly, life itself and the decisions we make along the way are often more than enough to mangle the love between two individuals.

The truth is that relationships sometimes die – and the love that once was goes along with them. Time changes people. People change people. The love that you once had too often fades or burns up in a blaze and the person that once meant the world to you is suddenly a stranger.

More likely than not, that person no longer even exists. You may find yourself still part of a relationship in which your partner has become a stranger.

You may have spent the last few years together only to now have to accept that the person you wake up next to every morning isn’t the person you remember once waking up next to. They changed. You changed. The lovers that once were no longer exist.

Finding out that the person you loved is no longer the person you love is an incredibly frightening realization. The two of you, though living in such close quarters, have managed to lose each other.

Now a decision needs to be made: Do you continue walking forward with this person by your side or do you make a change? Do you find a way to resuscitate that love or do you cut your losses and move on with your life?

I feel that most people find themselves in a position in which the person they once loved no longer exists. Even if we don’t find ourselves part of a relationship in which we lose our lover, we all look back and realize that one or several of the people we once loved – that were once a huge part of our lives and shaped the people we are now – we no longer know.

Too many people, even those we at one point deemed to be very important to us, become strangers.

The thought alone is depressing. Love has to die for it to have any value – just as we, ourselves, have to die in order to have importance. You will one day look back with tears in your eyes at the shadows of the people who made you, you.

The memories will fill your heart and then leave you with an emptiness once reality kicks back in. You will feel sad. You will feel pain, but smile: what you are experiencing once again is love.

These people may no longer be parts of your life. They may no longer even exist, but the love still does – even if in a slightly different form. Feel the pain that those memories bring and then turn the coin over.

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How To (Really) Love Someone

Thought Catalog

Cedric YonCedric Yon

First, eliminate every stereotype about love that lives in your naive little brain. Evict the princes & princesses that inhabit the Disney neighborhood of your mind, forget that one book you read the summer after 7th grade about the girl & the beach & the dude that loved her despite her speech impediment. Let go of the guy in the band that you smoked cigarettes with in high school—the one that told you that you were different. He lied. You aren’t. Okay, maybe a little.

Go to college. Feel out of sync but oddly electric. Smile at all the different breeds of boys. Expect too much from a frat boy. Er, maybe expect too much from 3 frat boys. Stop smiling at boys after one guy told you to go to his room & wait for him. You wait for an hour & he comes in the…

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14 Signs You’re An Old Soul

Thought Catalog

Flickr / white_ribbons Flickr / white_ribbons

1. You tend to think a lot about everything. You’re always finding deeper meaning in your relationships, simple interactions with strangers, and in the world around you.

2. You enjoy solitude and use it as a time to reflect on your life and everything going on in it. You continually seek out higher understanding and are incredibly introspective about life.

3. You’ve always had maturity far beyond your years. When you were a child people commented on how mature you were and you probably enjoyed sitting at the adult’s table as opposed to the children’s table. It’s not that you couldn’t have fun being a kid, it’s just that sometimes you thought the adult conversations were far more interesting.

4. You take pleasure in simple things like drinking coffee and reading the news, having breakfast with friends, cooking a great meal, or reading a good book.


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Why I Will Always Love Traveling More Than I Love You

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Before I even begin, I apologize if this breaks your heart in ways that you didn’t imagine and I don’t understand. You see, as someone who fell head over heels in love with the world, I cannot fathom how you ever expected to stand a chance in this competition. Or why you decided to take it on, being well aware that it’s rigged from the start. You must be a real fool.

What’s worse is that you’re just as much in love with me as I am with the world, something my mind struggles to understand. One person can hardly be as interesting as the prospect of enjoying the myriad offerings of the world.

Forgive me my ruthlessness and brutal honesty. But believe me when I say that people live through far worse each day in the world and come out stronger. In fact, witnessing their hardships on my travels…

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The Best Type Of Love Is The One You Can Live Without

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Sleepless In SeattleSleepless In Seattle

I think we’ve all been there.

Caught up in a torrent of emotions that we seem powerless to control; hardly able to think of anything else, barely able to function outside of the situation. We lose ourselves in ‘love,’ in what we believe love is supposed to be and how it is supposed to feel. We’re desperate to have them, to create an ‘us,’ sure that we’ve found the ‘one.’ How could it be anything else when we’re so utterly consumed?

All our lives we’ve been battered and engrained with the ideal that, unless you’re insane and addicted in your feelings for someone, it isn’t real and it isn’t going to last.

I’ve had that ‘love,’ and now years later, I hesitate to even call it that. Love is not obsession; it does not require you to give yourself wholly and completely at the expense of yourself…

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The Mover of Mountains- Internet

Innovation is central to human history and many would argue that this evolutionary process is key to what it is to be human. It has undeniably shaped human life over the ages and has brought us to the technically advanced, modern lives we lead today. Were it not for the human ability to innovate, we would likely still be living in caves or would have gone the way of the dinosaurs down the extinction route. – Endengene

When one considers the human desire to achieve ‘more’ then we see that the demand for innovation is inherently linked to our insatiable demand for a better life and society.

Of all the human innovations this world had, the greatest, without any form of embellishment, is the invention of the INTERNET. It is the sole innovation that expands the human intellect and its creative, expressive, and even moral possibilities.

The Internet, a network of computers covering the entire planet, allows people to access almost any information located anywhere in the world at any time. Its effects on business, communication, economy, entertainment and even politics are profound. The Internet may not have changed the world as much as the plow, but it’s probably on par with the steam engine or automobile.

  • A Brief Rewind

The global system of interconnected computer networks known as the Internet is used by billions of people worldwide. Countless people helped develop it, but the person most often credited with its invention is the computer scientist Lawrence Roberts. In the 1960s, a team of computer scientists working for the U.S. Defense Department’s ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) built a communications network to connect the computers in the agency, called ARPANET. It used a method of data transmission called “packet switching” which Roberts, a member of the team, developed based on prior work of other computer scientists. ARPANET was the predecessor of the Internet.

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities. The Internet is at once a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic location. The Internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. Beginning with the early research in packet switching, the government, industry and academia have been partners in evolving and deploying this exciting new technology.

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  • The Role of Internet

Internet is today one of the most important part of our daily life. There are large numbers of things that can be done using the internet and so it is very important. You can say that with the progress in the internet we are progressing in every sphere of life as it not only makes our tasks easier but also saves a lot of time. Today internet is used for different purposes depending upon the requirement.

1. Communication

Photo by Before It’s New

The Internet obviously brings new scale and speed to communication, that allowed real-time communication beyond the range of a single human voice. At the moment the easiest thing that can be done using the internet is that we can communicate with the people living far away from us with extreme ease. Earlier the communication used to be a daunting task but all that chanced once internet came into the life of the common people. Now people can not only chat but can also do the video conferencing. It has become extremely easy to contact the loved ones who are in some other part of the world. Communication is the most important gift that the internet has given to the common man. Email, social networking sites are some of the prime example of it. This is one such gift of the internet which is cherished by everyone and has made our life easier to much extent.

2. Research

Photo by Before It’s New

Now the point that has been placed next is research. In order to do research you need to go through hundreds of books as well as the references and that was one of the most difficult jobs to do earlier. Since the internet came into life, everything is available just a click away. You just have to search for the concerned topic and you will get hundreds of references that may be beneficial for your research. And since internet is here to make your research public, you can then benefit a large amount of people from the research work that you have done. Research is one such thing which has got lots of benefit from this evolution of internet. Research process has now got wings and has gained the most due to the internet.

3. Education

Photo by Before It’s New

The next point that we have in this list is education. Yes you read it right. Education is one of the best things that the internet can provide. There are a number of books, reference books, online help centres, expert’s views and other study oriented material on the internet that can make the learning process very easier as well as a fun learning experience. There are lots and lots of websites which are related to different topic. You can visit them and can gain endless amount of knowledge that you wish to have. With the use of internet for education, you are non-longer dependent on some other person to come and teach you. There are various number of tutorials available over the internet using which you can learn so many thing very easily. There can’t be any excellent use of the internet other than education as it is the key to achieve everything in life.

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  • Second Form of Oxygen
Photo by Web Junction

Internet has been the most useful technology of the modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives, but also our personal and professional lives developments. The internet helps us achieve this in several different ways.

  1. For the students and educational purposes the internet is widely used to gather information so as to do the research or add to the knowledge of any sort of subject they have. Even the business personals and the professions like doctors, access the internet to filter the necessary information for their use. The internet is therefore the largest encyclopedia for everyone, in all age categories.
  2. The internet has served to be more useful in maintaining contacts with friends and relatives who live abroad permanently. The easiest communication means like the internet chatting systems and the emails are the best and the most common for the maintaining contacts with the people around the world.
  3. Not to forget internet is useful in providing with most of the fun these days. May it be all the games, and networking conferences or the online movies, songs, dramas and quizzes, internet has provided the users with a great opportunity to eradicate the boredom from their lives.
  4. Internet is also used to upgrade the internet and use special software to work on the projects and documentation works as the internet enables the user to download a myriad of different software for a variety of different purposes.




Learn from Your Setbacks

A journalism graduate who had her greatest heartbreak after receiving a failing grade that swept away her dream title…

Photo by I’m Garcade

Where do our failures take us?

Failures attack us in the most unexpected place and time… After experiencing failure, it is not easy to shift to the next episode of our lives and just buried our frustrations along the way. It is a moving on process and we have to be strong enough to surpass each step.

Jonah Jativa, a 24-year old Bachelor in Journalism graduate of West Visayas State University Batch 2010, came from the humble town of Santa Barbara, Iloilo. She belongs to the cream of the crop during her elementary and high school years. One of her passions is to lead young people to Christ and help them to mature spiritually in order to transforms others as well.

She was a consistent recipient of Academic Excellence Award from her first year to fourth year and even a member of the Studiositas Honor Society.

“I believe our favorite books can say boatloads about our character,” according to Jonah. She loves to read inspirational, leadership and religious books. Among the books that influenced her lot during her college years were: I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Dug Down Deep, Encouraging Words for Women and Rich God, Poor God by Chinkee Tan.

When asked if journalism was her first choice in college, she honestly admitted and say NO. “Journalism was not my first choice. It was not even in my top 5 college courses,” stressed by her.

During her high school years, she imagine herself taking up nursing and wearing a white uniform. But she believes that life is not just all about “Plan A”. Along the way of our life, we will meet various circumstances that will pull us and make us divert our decision. “It just happened. I mean God made it happen. I took up that course hoping it’ll work well for me. And thank God it did work,” she added.

“I was one of those journalism students who were running for Cum Laude…”

Upon receiving a failing grade from her major subject, Jonah cried buckets and the idea of “could have been” kept on haunting her, knowing that all her hardships for the past four years of her stay in college were all put to waste.

“Sayang” she thought.

The pain of losing the goal that she has always wanted is there, but she realized that she can’t do anything about it. Sometimes things like that happened. Therefore, she just continues her life and turned her greatest setback to be her greatest motivation to strive more in life.

The grades that you will obtain in college are all nothing. They are just the cherries on our resumes. The most important thing is not the title and awards, but the values and learnings that you have reaped and how will you be able to apply it to the life outside the four walls of the classroom.

She is currently working as Social Media Strategist for almost four years at Callbox Sales and Marketing Solution.

“Pressure will always be there, especially if you are in the corporate world already. How do I handle it? Love your work. If you love your work, pressure will no longer be an issue. It will be a nudge for you instead. In addition, if you love what you do, although you’ll get tired, you’ll still continue. Leave all pressures you get from work in the office. Work is just work. U still got a whole life to enjoy. Learn to relax. Lastly, pray hard and learn from your failures.”

16 Digits Away to Make a $200 Go Away!

     If you have the power to move the timeline backwards and correct the mistakes you have done, would you dare and take the risk to change it? Would you want to eliminate it, as if it never happened in the history of your lifetime? One of the hypothetical questions that I always throw to myself whenever a random thought haunt me.

I guess each one of us, in the course of our lifetime, there is one thing that we regret the most. It made us cry buckets and made us remorsefully swear not to do it again.

Here is mine:

Exactly the same month now, seven years ago, I made (by far) the biggest mistake of my life.

Everything is just a WOW when we first had our internet connection at home. That feeling you get when you realized that you could use the internet without staying in a public internet café. No noise all around, no one is standing at your back watching every click you made, and no time restriction.

I admit I had the “because-it-is-new” syndrome. I stayed up late at night discovering various stuffs in the internet. I changed my friendster theme every once and a while depending on my mood. I watched different movies that I am dying to view before in the movie house. I got to download the songs, videos and pictures of High School Musical, unlimitedly. Everyone who knows me very well can attest how truly, deeply, madly and insanely in love I am to High School Musical. When it comes to Zac Efron (Troy) and Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriela) tandem, my nerves are going up to the pinnacle of my excitement.

Photo by Glogster

One time, while I was browsing the internet, I came across a website saying “SIGN UP AND MEET YOUR HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL CAST WITH UNLIMITED FREEBIES.” Out of curiosity and excitement of a 12-year-old fangirl, I clicked everything just to know what it is all about. Until I reached a point, wherein I have to put all my personal details. Without a slightest form of hesitation, I put everything that is required to do. But… I stopped at the last part.

The last part is requiring me to put my credit card account number. I realized that I don’t have that card-card thingy. There you go, my excitement went down the slope.

Suddenly, I remember that my mom has a MasterCard from Metrobank. Without knowing where my decision will take me, I went inside my mom’s room and pretended that I am looking for my notebook inside her cabinet. It was a perfect timing also, my mom went outside our house because someone called her from the neighborhood. I quickly made my search operation and copied the 16 digits account number of my mom.

I went out of her room and sit down again in front of the computer. Alas! I made it. As I completed the sign up process, I saw only a “CONGRATULATIONS!” message. Nothing special happened. I thought Zac Efron will meet me live in my screen or Vanessa’s video will flash to say that I am one of the many who will visit Albuquerque, New Mexico for free. Just like that. Just a “Congratulations!” message?

So days have passed, it seems like nothing happened.

A month after, I saw my mom startling after opening an envelope with a bill from the bank inside. There she saw a charge of $200 USD from Columbia Bank!!!

Photo by Expand My Wealth

To make the long story short, I admitted to my mom that I used her credit card number to make my dream a reality– that I thought was true but only to find out that it was an internet credit card scam! It took only 16 digits away for a $200 USD to go away. She was very angry knowing that I am the reason for that very big charge in her account.

The anger of my mom passed but the lesson that I learned with that experience will always linger in my memory: READ AND THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!

Brgy. Daga Eco-park backs WACS program

          A Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) was conducted at Barangay Daga Ecological Park spearheaded by the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources (MENR) of Santa Barbara, Iloilo on October 14, 2014.

The purpose of the program is for operational awareness and knowledge on how to categorize solid waste accumulated by every household.

“The WACS will aid the development of material resources and energy using municipal solid waste,” said Ms. Remia Capistrano, an officer from MENR.

Being a progressive municipality, the MENR needs to study how much waste is being generated everyday by every Santa Barbaranhon.

Moreover, it reiterated the environmental significance of proper waste segregation as mandated by R.A. 9003 otherwise known as “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.”

Photo Credits: Santa Barbara Ugyon


DSWD KALAHI-CIDSS program allocated ₱21M for Sta Barbara

            The Department of Social Welfare and Development’s (DSWD) Kapit‐Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan ‐ Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI‐ CIDSS) program billed ₱21M budget for the Municipality of Santa Barbara.

Photo Credits to: Santa Barbara Ugyon

The KALAHI-CIDSS is a poverty alleviation program that provides resources to poor rural municipalities for public goods investment and promotes people’s participation in governance.

Mr. Vincent Lusaya, the Municipal Planning and Development Officer (MPDO), introduced the KALAHI-CIDDSS NCDDP Area Coordinating Team assigned in the municipality of Santa Barbara in the daily flag ceremony program of the town.

The team will be assigned in different barangays to see to it that activities according to the community cycle will be followed and will be duly implemented to the best interest of the community.

Santa Barbara will also get 20 facilitators as counterpart to do the leg work in identifying and deciding what kind of project under the KALAHI-CIDSS menu will be implemented.

The development objective of KALAHI CIDSS-NCDDP is to have barangays/communities of targeted municipalities become empowered to achieve improved access to services and to participate in more inclusive local planning, budgeting, and implementation.




Municipality of Sta Barbara celebrates EFW 2014

     The Local Government Unit (LGU), Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) and Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) of the Municipality of Santa Barbara celebrated the Elderly Filipino Week (EFW) last October 7 to 11, held at Santa Barbara Covered Gym.

Members of senior citizen associations from different zones and barangays of the town gathered for this weeklong celebration to highlight their role in nation building.

“Rako gd mga aktibidades para sa senior. Makapoy pay sadya man ah, daw mabatyagan mo gd na ginataw-an kaw ka gobyerno ka importansya,” according to a 79-year-old participant, Felicidad Silarde.

This year’s theme: “Ang Nakakatanda ay Yaman, Katuwang sa Pag Unlad ng Bayan, Paalagaan Kanilang Karapatan”       (The elderly are treasures in the development of our Nation, their rights should be protected) focuses the need to continuously promote and protect the rights and welfare of the older persons.

The program was attended by Hon. Gov. Arthur D. Defensor, Sr., DSWD Regional Director Ma. Evelyn Macapobre, CESO III and 2nd District Board Member Hon. June Mondejar.

The EFW celebration is pursuant to Proclamation No. 470 issued by former President Fidel V. Ramos on September 26, 1994. The event aims to increase public awareness on the different issues concerning the older persons’ sector.

Activities include:

Health and fitness tips

Free haircut and massage

Choral Competition

Folk Dance Competition

Mutya ng Elderly 2014

Photo credits: Santa Barbara Ugyon

Down-under Sadsad Falls Experience

         Most travelers who plot their route when going to Guimaras would rivet on their list beaches, caves, buildings and landmarks with historical significance.

         For those who want to take the road not taken or the path that is less traveled, experience the death defying canyon and forest trails, long way down to the untouched magnificence of Sadsad Falls. The challenging trek is definitely an energy squeezer especially for tourists who is not used to mountain and rock climbing. This is a perfect place for adventurers who is eager for extreme activities.

          From Jordan Wharf, ride a multicab or jeepney that will drop you to Brgy. Sablay. It would be better if you will rent a tricycle that will lead you inside the forest without spending heaps of energy but be sure you have enough budget; Php 200 per head.

          Rubber shoes, backpack bag and water are your best companion on your way to Sadsad Falls. Of course, you will need a person who has an ample knowledge about the place. Being clueless on the right way will lead to harm, remember that down under is an abyss. Before you can reach the summit, you will encounter tall grasses and steep road. Be careful and watch every step you make.

          The base may not be visible from the top but as soon as your halfway down you can hear already the rushing of water.

          Unlike any other voluminous and deafening waterfalls in the Philippines, Sadsad’s water is thin and shallow: that’s what makes it distinctive. The water comes out smoothly on the rocks, fine drops like water from a bathroom shower. You can enjoy bathing on the cool water freely because it doesn’t have any entrance fee. Unearthing Sadsad’s deep-under natural wonder is totally worth it.

          The hard way you took going down will be doubled. It’s surprising that it’s more difficult to surpass the return or going up but the key is CONCENTRATION. Rest every once in a while of you must don’t push yourself too hard if you’re exhausted.

          Indeed, after a mountain of sacrifice, there’s the Sadsad falls paradise…/SL

          “Going up is the hardest part. I can’t actually imagine how did I survive the rock climbing when anyone who knows me very well can attest that I’m such a lame person when in it comes to high or elevated places. Realizing that a single wrong move is capable of killing you, makes you more strong and fearless.”

Rough Guide’s: Top 15 friendliest places in the world

Rough Guide asked their readers to vote for the top 15 friendliest cities they’d ever visited. And in case you were wondering: you can check out the list of the top 10 friendliest countries here.

ARTICLE, Read More

15. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

First up is Atlanta, Georgia, with a population of over 440,000 apparently lovely people.

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I will always try to be Ugly…

This morning, I came across a link that was shared by one of my facebook friend. At first, I was a bit hesitant to open what is it about, I’m not willing to read something stinky (so unpleasant smell by just looking at it) before breakfast. The picture says it all. Ugh. However, as I look closer, I realized that I am looking into something so precious. IT WAS A KITTEN! I thought it was an armadillo or a shrew! Pardon my blurry eyes, my just woke up vision.

Those people who knew me very well can attest how my heart goes out, bleeds out and shouts out — all in the name of cats. And after reading the content of this article, I don’t give an iota of care if this a sorta fiction or not, but it made me ponder to a lot of things in my life. Indeed, there will always be Silver Linings behind every negativity.

So here it is:

“Ugly” the Cat: People Were Told Not To Touch This Cat, But One Man Did

Ugly the cat

Everyone in the apartment complex where I lived knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and shall we say, love.

The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye and where the other should have been was a hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner.

Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby, striped type, except for the sores covering his head, neck and even his shoulders. Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. “That’s one UGLY cat!!!”

All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave.

Ugly always had the same reaction. If you turned the hose on him, he would stand there, getting soaked until you gave up and quit. If you threw things at him, he would curl his lanky body around your feet in forgiveness. Whenever he spied children, he would come running, meowing frantically and bump his head against their hands, begging for their love. If you picked him up he would immediately begin suckling on your shirt, earrings, whatever he could find.

One day Ugly shared his love with the neighbor’s huskies. They did not respond kindly, and Ugly was badly mauled. From my apartment I could hear his screams, and I tried to rush to his aid. By the time I got to where he was laying, it was apparent Ugly’s sad life was almost at an end.

Ugly lay in a wet circle, his back legs and lower back twisted grossly out of shape, a gaping tear in the white strip of fur that ran down his front. As I picked him up and tried to carry him home, I could hear him wheezing and gasping, and could feel him struggling. I must be hurting him terribly, I thought.

Then I felt a familiar tugging, sucking sensation on my ear – Ugly, in so much pain, suffering and obviously dying, was trying to suckle my ear. I pulled him closer to me, and he bumped the palm of my hand with his head, then he turned one golden eye towards me, and I could hear the distinct sound of purring. Even in the greatest pain, that ugly battled scarred cat was asking only for a little affection, perhaps some compassion.

At that moment I thought Ugly was the most beautiful, loving creature I had ever seen. Never once did he try to bite or scratch me, try to get away from me, or struggle in any way. Ugly just looked up at me completely trusting in me to relieve his pain.

Ugly died in my arms before I could get inside, but I sat and held him for a long time afterwards, thinking about how one scarred, deformed little stray could so alter my opinion about what it means to have true pureness of spirit, to love so totally and truly. Ugly taught me more about giving and compassion than a thousand books, lectures, or talk show specials ever could, and for that I will always be thankful .

He had been scarred on the outside, but I was scarred on the inside, and it was time for me to move on and learn to love truly and deeply. To give my total to those I cared for.

Many people want to be richer, more successful, well liked, beautiful, but for me, I will always try to be Ugly.

Please share. Be nice to animals.

Nuggets of Wisdom from John Grisham

     My admiration for this man started when my classmate let me borrow his book entitled “The Client”. It did not occur to me that I would like the book. The title speaks for itself, sounds like I’m about to read something out of the circle of my interest. But I gave it a try…

Reading the first chapter has been a series of endless repetition. Why? Because again, it’s not my genre to read courthouse, mystery, crime and thriller stories. I find it so difficult to comprehend and appreciate the scenario described by the book. The characters are all typical, but they’re tangled with strange personalities. That’s why I need to do an act of being a redundant type of reader. There was a point that pops in my mind that I’ll just return the book and pretend that I finished it and I liked everything about it.

But something happened that moves me from chapter one up in the succeeding chapters. That caused me to do no stop in reading. Every page was irresistible and it’s like begging to be read aloud. Another thing here was, even taking a bath and eating had been a difficult task for me.

His book was crafted beautifully and it is embedded with lessons that a reader can carry on all the days of his life. You are and will always be my favorite author, John Grisham.

P.S. I downloaded ALL your books in my eBook library. I already have five books in hardbound version. But please know, someday you will occupy the most special corner of my library.

    I was very inspired seeing his video as a graduation commencement speaker.

30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read

     These past few days had been the “hellish days” of my life and I am still in between of that conflict and I don’t know when is this going to end. Up to now, I am still struggling how to manage my timetable: work versus sleep. At any moment, I think my body is capable of erupting and eventually will shut down automatically because of endless and piles of paper works, short film, scripts, storyboards, reports, quizzes, magazine production, etc.

     But there’s no such word as giving up when you’re in search for your dreams and success. There will always be moments like these in life, it’s inevitable.

     So here are the 30 Self-help Books that Successful People Read that will somehow ease your worries if you’re experiencing tough challenges in life right now like mine. Some of the books listed here, I finished already. Some makes me want to jump off a cliff if the price of having those will be the hardbound version of it.

Without further blandishments:

Old books(Photo Credits to Go We Love It)

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10 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Stuck

10 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Stuck(Photo Credits to Zuhair Ahmad)

Never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are.
Life changes, and so can you.

     “I don’t know what to do.”  “I’m in a rut.”  “I feel stuck.” We all struggle with this kind of mindset sometimes, and if you’re struggling right now, it’s time to push through.  There’s plenty you can do.

     The truth is, you have the power to move forward no matter what obstacles block your path.  You have the power to live up to your highest vision of how your life can be.  You have the power to follow through and make significant progress on your biggest goals.  You have all this power because you have the CHOICE.  In each moment you can choose what you think, what you do, and who you want to be.

     If you’re being pulled in every direction by forces beyond your control, take time to realign yourself with what you value most in life.

     You don’t have to continue doing things the way you’ve always done them.  You don’t have to be held a prisoner by your old, familiar habits and assumptions.

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Mixed bag of storage ideas for your dorm rooms

In tiny dorm rooms split shared with a roommate—sometimes more than one—floor space is like water in the desert. It’s a precious thing. Use these easy, affordable DIY dorm storage ideas to keep clutter neatly contained and off the floor. ARTICLE: A+ Storage Hacks for the Best Dorm Room on Campus

A+ Storage Hacks for the Best Dorm Room on Campus(Photo Credits to I Heart Organizing)

All those miscellaneous school supplies—notebooks, pens, paper clips and more—quickly overcome desk drawers. Out-of-control junk drawers are the enemy of focus; what you need are drawer dividers to organize all your necessities. Create your own, free, by cutting dividers from old shoe-boxes or cereal boxes. Related Post: 10 Smart Solutions for Junk Drawers

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23 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand

Sascha Kohlmann(Photo Credits to Sascha Kohlmann)

1. A weekend in which you have no plans, no responsibilities, and nowhere at all to be, ranks as one of the best weekends you’ll ever have.

2. Sometimes friends will try to make plans with you and you have no reason to decline except for the fact that you just want to be alone that day. (Your plan is to have no plans, people need to understand that by now, right?)

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An Oldster Craft Turned to a Countrywide Fad

This article was published in Panay News last May, when I was still an intern in their company.

(Photo Credits to KidsStuffWorld)

     We are in the world now where the definition of the word “fun” revolves around the sphere of electronic gadgets. Facing the computer and television, non-stop tapping the screen of tablet and cellular phone and killing time with video games, all of these seem to be a daily routine for most kids nowadays. While giving “fun” is the primary feather of all these stuffs, it can cause self-seclusion to them by placing themselves passively in the corner and forget the fun in creating interaction with other people. Sports and other recreational activities seem to be buried now.

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My First Soundless Film Experience

Charlie Chaplin, The Modern Times (Photo Credits to 100Film)

     “A story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness.”  The entire film seems to question if in fact we are achieving that happiness, and the effect industrialization has on our humanity.

     Despite the factor that it lacks sounds, it didn’t make the story less of a masterpiece. The message may not be that conspicuous at first because the dominant voice of the story is comedy. But if you’ll really try to deepen the range of your understanding and interpretation, the story revolves around the negativity brought by the machines of the Industrial Revolution.

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A Guys Who Reads

slightlyignorant: WANT. (Photo Credits to Naomi)

     And if you’re a certified booklover, bookworm, bookwhore, bookcrastinator or suchlike you call it, you would secure that the person you’re going to share your entire life with share the same passion as yours.

I personally believe that a guy who reads is the greatest turn on ever.

Not only you are entwined in the same language but also he can bring you to places in different spectrum by just talking in the couch or sitting in a bench. You can discuss with him everything under the Aurora Borealis and Luna. Continue reading “A Guys Who Reads”